Heck journey to Banisanta Sex village

Banisntanta sex village is on the other side of Mongla port of Bangladesh. Take a short break away from the market at the police station of banisanta raw street walking again. Deliberately turning a little sway on the other side of the road, Clay-mud wanders the land there is line of shopkeepers similar to the settlement. Street intersection, in turn points to the shopkeeper and said, “that’s when the neighborhood.” but there is no choice but to see the small. Then walk alone the noon sun. Some have g


one to the river through the canal again set free. The shaky bamboo bridge circus skills to cross, It was time to come down the river to river’s bank boulder is spread out. He is midst of intense tide the boulder broke down the embankment waist. There are however, laid boulders fresh smile. What gestures to convince, after the river broke some profit! Boulder neighborhood brick-road or do not have the protection of sex village. As a result, they have gone to launder the half to over the chest.
Into the side of the road, a group of villagers who were playing cards are so lazy afternoon; there is no customer crowded. Poor sex worker laying drunk in the afternoon!
Amena begume (55) in banisanta brothel 30 years; He said, “at one time it was the euphoria banisanta. But new sits in deep poverty. People don’t want to come here. No reads, I have three children; I spend the day with their great pain.”

Rahima begume (35) who was setting beside, when taking pictures, he is forbidden to take pictures of him. “My family doesn’t know I’m here. They know that, I do other work. Don’t take photos of my problem.” I asked, with the exception of photographs, many years here?” he said, I’m here for 15 years.
Now the afternoon; but there is no customers, how can we live! Until last year, various agencies winter blankets, warm clothes and something would help. This year, there is no aid pie. Here is no road; we apply the banisanta union council. But we don’t get any help from the council.”
Banisanta sex areas works seven rural development agencies, HIV preventive health work with PSTC,its official Mr. Hasanur Rahman ; he said that the average fortune 130 sex workers. If one goes to someone new comes in again. Among them they work with HIV AIDS. He said that transportation system of the area is very bad. Without boats cannot journey in rainy season. Poor families, there are about 40 children in the brothel areas get there education through a primary school. Some development agencies joint initiative FCS centre has arranged where music, Drama, poetry, dances, writing and reading is done.
They also arranged lunch for the children. There is no way to know if there house is tidy in the sex area. Bring the children of tomorrow; new dreams that arouse hope the end of heck journey.

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